Investing in Energy, Transport, and Utilities

Project Development

We also seek to be involved in Projects at the Development stage with the Sponsors which includes Project conception to construction stage. At this stage we offer development finance and project finance support. As expected, with higher risk comes high reward. We have experienced and expert project sector engineer in-house but mostly consult industry experts who are consultants.

Project Investment

We aim to invest equity capital in infrastructure assets operating within our target sectors or sub-sector and target region, West Africa, for significant minority stake. Our typical ticket size ranges between US$10M and US$25.

Our investments are tailored to meet specific requirements both for the projects and our investors which includes provision of essential services to the community, long term capital growth, obtaining a dominant market position, potential to increase returns on equity. We seek to play an active role in adding significant value to each of our investments, working closely with sponsors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Investment Policy

The Fund will support infrastructure projects developed by either:

  • Majority private sector entities.
  • Majority public sector entities, provided that the private sector is responsible for developing and managing the assets of the public sector entity on a risk-sharing basis, including:
  • Special purpose vehicles or project companies
  • Private operating infrastructure companies
  • Privatized companies or companies that are about to be privatized, and where the Government has contractually committed to such privatization
  • Pursue a balanced investment strategy that targets net base case equity returns in each single project in excess of 18% (after tax).
  • Invest in a balanced portfolio in Nigeria and West Africa.