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Environmental and Social Management System

The ARM-Harith Infrastructure Fund (ARMHIF) Environmental and Social Management System is composed of policies, procedures, monitoring and reporting. In addition, the ARMHIF Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) will address issues raised in the ESIA of specific projects. Where the ESMS of a specific project is not adequate, an additional document called an Action Plan (AP) will be developed to address gaps to the specific project ESMS’s satisfaction in line with all applicable governing standards.

ARMHIF ESG Principles

ARM-Harith Infrastructure will request that every opportunity it is engaging with, either Greenfield project, Brownfield project or Investee Company,

  • Complies with all applicable laws (local and international), uphold high standards of business integrity and honesty;
  • Provides safe and healthy working conditions for all its employees and contractors;
  • Commits to continuous improvements with respect to Environment, Social and Governance matters;
  • Incorporates the IFC’s Performance Standards and relevant AfDB and CDC Group’s guidance on corporate governance and business integrity as part of a guiding framework for ESG evaluation.
  • Incorporates where relevant the Nigerian Sustainable Banking Principles 2012, especially the Power Sector and Oil&Gas Sector guidelines.
  • Seeks to enhance the economic development of the state/countries/local community in which the Fund invests.

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